RazorGage Positioners, Saw Systems & Automation Software
57006 241st Street
Ames, IA 50010
Main Screen
RazorGage Android ST tablet software comes with easy to learn and use saw stop software.
Click on the main screen
to see a virtual tour of the
Android operator screens.  
Any of the buttons with
underlined text will take
you to that corresponding
The Android controller represents our entry level material positioner system, but it is build
using all of the same CNC quality mechanical features used in all RazorGage positioners.
The RazorGage ST programmable saw stop can be controlled with an Android touch screen tablet.
Large 7.1 inch touch screen user interface
makes operator input fast, easy and
intuitive.  For example, to make a 25-15/16
inch part: Press
2 - 5 - FRACTIONS - 15/16 -
Large 7.1-inch touch screen
RazorGage ST
with the Android
No need to memorize decimal equivalents and it takes only
5 key touches to get there vs. 7 buttons on competing
By Technical Services, Inc.
Optional gripper.  Click on picture to
Optional heavy duty gripper.  Click on
picture to enlarge.