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Introducing RazorGage AngleMaster
• Download cutlists directly to the RazorGage PC via WiFi or Ethernet.
• Optimize at the machine or run pre-optimized lists from most popular software.
• RazorGage software is compatible with most label printers.
• The RazorGage software allows you to sort cutlists right at the machine.
• Standard PVC table top - Optional steel, PVC, or polyurethane coated rollers.
• RazorGage solid state PC - Windows 8.1 Pro.
• Includes 21” Color LCD Touch Screen.
• Optional articulated material pusher mounted gripper.
• Aluminum cutting option includes blade mist lubrication components.
The AngleMaster system push feeds your stock to the
miter saw which is automatically rotated to the angle
designated for your part.  Cut list data including length
and angle information are downloaded to the solid state
PC running Windows 8.1 Pro and displayed on the 21"
color touch screen.  

This is a semi-automatic programmable saw system.  
The operator must clear the cut part and drop before
using the touch screen interface to trigger the RazorGage
to advance the material for the next cut.  The operator
uses the two-hand anti-tie down buttons to cycle the saw
once they have ensured that the top and front clamps are
not in the path of the saw blade after it has automatically
rotated to the proper angle.  
RazorGage ST with AutoList and AngleMaster software integrated to the RazorGage AngleMaster programmable angle saw system.
Contact us today for a price quote or for more information on the RazorGage AngleMaster angle cutting system.
Since the stock is on rollers, the operator must also ensure that the stock is against the auto
pusher system before cycling the saw. Specify the longest stock to be loaded.  The RazorGage
stroke will be 2-feet longer than the stock length.  RazorGage installation and saw system training
are included in price quotes.
RazorGage AngleMaster software comes with easy to learn and software.
Operator can manually input dimensions and angles to RazorGage AngleMaster software.
Main Screen
Manual Parts
RazorGage AngleMaster has AutoList software to optimize your parts into available material lengths.
By Technical Services, Inc.
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