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The RazorGage caliper table makes measuring up to 16-foot long parts easy.
Caliper Table
Includes Tablet PC running Windows 8 Professional.  
You can open reference files and build data files as
you measure parts.  Those files may be saved on
the PC or use the built in Wi-Fi to save them on
your network.  The USB port may be used to copy
files to or from the tablet.

Legs shown in picture are optional.  You can order
your Caliper Table with the gauge block on either
the left or right end.  You can order Caliper tables
to measure lengths up to 16 feet.  

Operator-selectable display in metric or inches.
Place your material against the gauge
block and slide the carriage against your
material to measure it.  The carriage
mounts internally on two bearing blocks
that ride a precision-ground linear rail.

A linear magnetic encoder strip is used
to ensure accuracy.
Gauge block
By Technical Services, Inc.