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Interested in a full-on defecting and
optimizing automated push feed saw
system?  With RazorGage, you can do it for
prices starting at less than $40,000!  And
we're not talking about a slow, stripped down
computerized saw system.

Even our base model includes our
600mm saw
(accepts up to a 24 inch blade), automatic
top, left and right clamping, downloading,
crayon defect mark scanning, board length
sensing, optimizing, inkjet printing and up to
three days factory tech time for installation
and operator training in the US or Canada*.  
We even ship it with a super quality 500mm
120-tooth ATB saw blade.  Truly remarkable!
Your operator will run the saw system from a 17-inch color touch screen.  The main screen is simple to use.  RazorOptimal
systems are easy to learn and easy to use.  Other companies force operators to work from tiny black and white LCD character
screens--meaning they have to memorize features and operations.  How archaic!  --Like cutting wood with a stone ax.
The RazorOptimal from RazorGage is a complete defecting and optimizing automated push feed saw system.
The RazorOptimal screen displays your crayon defecting information on an easy to read display.
Feature example:
The operator can choose to see the scan result or
he can "Scan & Go" meaning the RazorOptimal will
start the cutting process immediately after the
system has completed scanning the crayon defect
marks and length of the board.
All RazorOptimals run on PC's running Windows XP Pro that have built-in networking and multiple USB ports.  You can choose
to plug in a USB flash drive to load your cut list data or download your cut list from any of your networked computers.  
The RazorOptimal saw system features crayon defecting and optimizes parts into available material lengths.
Scans crayon defect markings.  Optimizes remaining cuts into
defect-free areas reducing waste.  Prints  information on your parts.
By Technical Services, Inc.