57006 241st Street
Ames, IA 50010
Technical Services, Incorporated
RazorGage specializes in positioners, saws and optimizing saw systems.
RazorGage's history in automated positioning systems.
RazorGage partners with top names in design software and machinery.
Contact RazorGage to learn more about programmable saw stops, optimizing saw systems, and more.
Tons of tech tips, manuals and software for RazorGage products
Find all the field replaceable parts you need for your RazorGage linear positioners and optimizing saws.
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RazorGage Factory
Steve Hoshor
Ames, Iowa
515-232-3188        Central Time Zone
RazorGage Factory Support
Ames, IA
515-232-3188        Central Time Zone
RazorGage by Technical Services is located in Ames, IA in the USA
Email: sales@RazorGage.com
Technical Services Inc.
57006 241st Street
Ames, IA 50010
RazorGage Positioners, Saw Systems & Automation Software
Des Moines
Email: support@RazorGage.com
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Woodworking- cabinetry, doors, furniture
Curtainwall, storefront construction
Metalworking or fabrication
Window manufacturing- wood, vinyl, metal
RazorGage National Sales Manager
Dave Krevanko
Portland, Oregon
503-656-9845        Pacific Time Zone
By Technical Services, Inc.