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RazorGage Positioners, Saw Systems & Automation Software
Std RazorGage Manual (2.8 MB)
Testimonial Video (4 MB)
RazArray In Action! Video(2.12 MB)
QuickStart Guide 11-2014 (4.0) MB)
Std Razorgage Manual for Older RazorGages
RazorOptimal Manual (6.55 MB)
Pocket Hole Option In Action! Video(1.48 MB)
RazorOptimal Cyclone Defecting Video (4.4MB)
RazorOptimal With Mortiser Video(9.7 MB)
Cyclone Upcut Saw
Cyclone use with AutoList  demo video 7.8MB
Cyclone 500 Upcut Saw Manual 8-09
Cylone use with AutoList manual
Cyclone Saw Cutting Aluminum Video
Caliper Measuring Table
Software & Software Demos
RazorGage Demo Program v7.9.45(5.0MB)
Parts List Processor (PLP) v7.3.0 (2.5MB)
(Use only with RazorOptimal  & RazorGage v7.0 and higher)
Parts List Processor Training Video (7.26MB)
Technical Information
Ausun Touchscreen Calibration Instruction
Cabinet Vision File Output Instruction
Cyclone defecting demo video  7.0MB
Parts List Processor (PLP) v6.3.5 (2.4MB)
(OLD VERSION!  Use only with RazorOptimal & RazorGage v6.x and lower)
Yield Report Instruction Document (0.1MB)
CabnetWare .b File Output Setup
Double Miter Package Cutlist Builder  (0.3MB)
Work Order Screen Video (2.8MB)
Demo Software Installation Instructions (0.1MB)
PLP Installation Instructions (0.1MB)
Scale Factor Calculator Excel (0.1MB)
AutoList Paper Label Setup (0.9MB)
Caliper Measuring Table Manual (1.6MB)
Bar Code Font 3 of 9 (15KB)
Bar Code Font 39251 (8KB)
1100 Error Trouble Shooting Guide (0.1MB)
Table Mounting Illustration (PDF)
Table Diagrams- Height Adjustable  (0.4MB)
Scale Factor Calculator Program
Solid Panel Door Production (0.2MB)
Batch Screen User Guide  PDF (1.0MB)
Parts List Processor Manual PDF (2.8MB)
Batch Screen Video (2.8MB)
AutoList Demo Video(4.7MB)
Manual Part Screen Video (30MB)
Cutting Demonstration Video (7.0MB)
Serial Number Locater  (0.9MB)
Lube-Mist Data Sheet  PDF (0.1MB)
Fujitsu Tablet Touch Setup  PDF (1.2MB)
Double Miter Application Pictures  (0.3MB)
Tablet PC Controller Upgrade Package  (0.7MB)
RazorGage Warranty PDF (0.1MB)
Relay Machine Interface Schematic (0.1MB)
M-Drive Update Program Instructions (0.5MB)
Calibrate Your RazorGage
Cyclone 600 Manual PDF (7.0MB)
Click on the picture to
begin the video.  
Double click on the
video to get a full
screen presentation.
Gripper Option  (0.8MB)
Index Locater Routine for M-Drive Replacement (0.1MB)
MiniTouch Controller Software Update PDF  (0.4MB)
Printer-Zebra GX430t Setup Instruction (1.4MB)
AutoCalc Screen User Guide PDF (0.8MB)
InkJet Printer Help  PDF (1.3MB)
Corrupted Database Error Fix PDF (0.4MB)
BSE Basic Stop Extension Detail PDF (0.2MB)
Cyclone-500 Air Logic Diagnosis  PDF (1.0MB)
Lube-Mist Troubleshoot  PDF (0.1MB)
Crayon (Luminescence) Sensor Adjustment PDF (0.1MB)
Board Length Sensor Adjustment  PDF (0.1MB)
No Keyboard Present Error; BIOS Solution PDF  (2.7MB)
Caliper Table PC Program (1.6MB)
Cyclone Saw
Accuracy Troubleshooter (1MB)
Touble Shooting Guide PDF (0.2MB)
Illustrated Parts List  PDF (0.6MB)
BlueTooth Pairing Instruction PDF (1.9MB)
Screen Shots Link
PC removal from Tower Enclosure PDF (2.0MB)
Remote Serial Connection-Android PDF (1.3MB)
Watch videos of RazorGage positioners and saw systems in action.
RazorGage Channel
Quick Start Guide-Caliper Table (Tablet) PDF (0.7 MB)
M-Drive Serial Port ID (0.4MB)
Distinguishing Between Cyclone 500 & 600 Saw  PDF (0.6MB)
Lube-Mist Operating Instructions PDF (0.2MB)
Table Leg Assembly Help Video
Electrical Wiring-Tower & MiniEnclosure PDF (1.8MB)
Communication Error- M-Drive  PDF (4.6MB)
Replace PIC Chip (1.9MB)
Remote Serial Commands  PDF(0.3MB)
Linear Encoder Adjustment PDF (0.3MB)
Identify Which Touch Screen You Have
Rectangular Prox Switch Behaviour Video
PocketHole Spindle EZ Removal Upgrade Kit PDF (0.3MB)
M-Drive: Replace and Setup PDF (1.2 MB)
RazorGage BMI - Basic Machine Interface (1.3MB)
By Technical Services, Inc.
Locating Your Software Version Number  (0.8MB)
MicroLynx Encoder Wiring Checks PDF (0.6 MB)
Rotary vs. Linear Encoder Identification PDF (0.8 MB)
Crayon and Board Length Scanner Trouble Shooting Video
Inkjet Printer Trouble Shooting Video Link
Scribe Marking Depth Adjustment PDF (0.5MB)
Cyclone-500 Top Clamp Maintenance video
Watch videos of RazorGage positioners and saw systems in action.
AutoList Complete Tutorial Video
Watch videos of RazorGage positioners and saw systems in action.
Brochures:  All product brochures are available on the Home Page.  Look
for and click on the              icon associated with each product picture.
Download RazorGage Brochures in PDF format.
Watch videos of RazorGage positioners and saw systems in action.
Watch videos of RazorGage positioners and saw systems in action.
Watch videos of RazorGage positioners and saw systems in action.
Watch videos of RazorGage positioners and saw systems in action.
Watch videos of RazorGage positioners and saw systems in action.
Plan Views for RazorGage Products  PDF (0.5MB)
Pocket Hole Drill Flexible Drive Shaft Assy PDF (0.8MB)
Cut List Requirements for PLP  PDF (0.5MB)
PC Type Identification  (0.7MB)
User Guides, Manuals & Accessories
Understanding Flow Controls  PDF (0.4MB)
What is included with your Windows RazorGage? PDF (0.5MB)
What is included with your Android RazorGage? PDF (0.3MB)
What is included with your Razor Optimal? PDF (0.8MB)
RazorGage Installation Service PDF (0.2MB)
Wireless Remote Control Android Controller PDF (1.3MB)
Android Controller Update to v1.1.1  (1.2MB)
Gearbox Replace Instruction PDF (2MB)
Transfer PLP Mapping Video  MP4 (4.0MB)
PC Chop Saw Mount Drawings PDF (0.4MB)
Setup Remote Serial WinMini - WinPro PDF(0.6MB)
RazorGage Product Dimensions Drawings  (0.5MB)
Advanced Cut List Schema   PDF (0.2MB)
AutoList Pre-Optimized Cut List Setup   PDF (0.5MB)
Crayon Sensor-Tri-Tronics Adjustment PDF (0.1MB)
Replacing your PC: Policy  PDF (0.5MB)
Scribe Marks, Reverse Order by Named Part video (12MB)
Drawer Parts, Reverse Length & Width Dimensions video (12MB)