Better Hardware
The RazorGage Premise: A programmable saw stop only benefits your business if you can trust
it to position accurately every day.

Fact: Since most saw stops calculate stop position based on motor rotation, drive component
precision is crucial to long term accuracy.

Conclusion: Drive component quality directly affects return on investment.
Linear Bearings
RazorGage linear positioners are constructed from more durable materials than the competition.
RazorGage material positioners are designed to higher standards than the competition.
RazorGage Linear Bearing Carriage Design
Competitors' Linear Bearing - plastic
wear pads on aluminum extrusion
  • Adjustment required as pads wear.
  • Motion resistance varies
    unpredictable positioning
  • Rigid & Consistent Motion for repeatable
    and accurate positioning throughout
  • No Adjustment
  • Long Life
  • RazorGage ST uses DOUBLE bearing blocks
    to create the carriage assembly.
Drive Pulleys
RazorGage uses superior pulleys compared to the competition.
RazorGage zero clearance drive pulley.
Standard Drive Pulley
1/64" Clearance
RazorGage Zero
Clearance Drive Pulley
RazorGage uses a 30-tooth pulley on their linear positioners to prevent belt stretch.
RazorGage's larger drive pulley helps to prevent belt stretching when jams occur.
  • Larger Bend Radius
    increases belt life.
  • Twice the teeth to resist
    tooth shear load.
30-Tooth Pulley Used On RazorGage
15-Tooth Pulley Competitor Uses
  • Half the teeth to resist tooth shear
Gear Reducers
Simple spur gear designs invite more gear backlash, thus reducing accuracy.
RazorGage's gear reducer is three times stronger than competitive spur gear designs.
Gearhead used on

  • 3 Load Paths

  • 7 Arc Minutes
Reducer Others Use

Transmitting Load

  • Excessive
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